Daniel is a skilled cinematographer and photographer from...
Daniel is a skilled cinematographer and photographer from Uganda, with over ten years of experience working throughout Africa. He has a diverse portfolio, having covered major events in Uganda and across the continent as a photojournalist, writer, and blogger. His work often focuses on topics such as health, conflict, and development. Daniel holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and journalism studies, specializing in photojournalism. He has also completed numerous commissioned projects in documentary, arts, and events across East Africa and Africa for organizations such as UNDP, International Development Fund, Health Rights International, Danish Refugee Council, UNICEF, Bayimba Cultural Foundation, DOADOA, Bayimba International Festivals, and Nyege Nyege.

Daniel's work has been published in various global media outlets, including The Economist, Royal African Society, British Council, UNESCO, Sahara Group, Platetalkllc, Rwanda Times, East African Global Music Campus, The Theatre Times, Daily Monitor, The African Theatre Magazine, Chimp Reports, Music in Africa, Stephen Petrilli, Goethe Institute, Stage Theatre Group Sri Lanka, Open Edition journals and The East African, among others. He is currently a contributor to the Ubumuntu Arts Festival.

Daniel has received several awards for his work, including the Living the Skies-Canada Award, 1st Runner Up in the Mohammad Amin Africa Media Awards in Kenya, Africa in Motion competition, Africa International Film Festival in Lagos, Nigeria, Creative International Open Film Festivals in the United States of America, and the Grooming Film Extra Extraperneurs in Nigeria under the Sahara Group. He has also been recognized at the Afrika Film Festival in Belgium. Daniel is a highly motivated individual and a team player who can adapt to change. He is flexible, ambitious, and deeply interested in global development.

Daniel's client base is diverse, ranging from religious institutions to NGOs, private sector players, and organized events. Some of his clients include Watoto Church Uganda, Afroman Spice, New Foundation Community Ministry in Gulu, Altar Ministries in Entebbe, Bayimba Cultural Foundation, Qwela Junction, Kampala Music School, Jabulani Arts in Fort Portal, MASA in Ivory Coast, Lake of Stars in Malawi, Durban International Film Festival in Durban, South Africa, Africa International Film Festival (AARIFF) in Lagos, Nigeria, and Mohammad Amin Africa Media Awards. 

Daniel Ecwalu

Arts Photographer, Low Key Photographer, Photojournalist, Canon Lover, Kampala, Uganda photographer, Arts, Uganda, Culture, camera, storyteller, Low light
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